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Why Chooses COE?

College of Education’s faculties and staff are renowned for developing innovative and cutting edge teaching, learning and research. As teachers’ researchers and providers of teacher professional development, the excellence of our staff results in strong links between education and the industry. Once again, your learning experience will be rewarding, productive and memorable!

Learning Environment and Facilities

We are committed to create the most pleasant environment conducive to learning. All classrooms are equipped with AC and LCD projectors.
Students can enroll and study courses with their senior fellows, which gives them good chances to experience and produce good learning outcomes at the end of courses. They also have a chance to discuss the assignments, participate in class discussions, and present their work to the class. More importantly, throughout the course, they will be offered other opportunities to engage in social activities in the university and community.

We have good facilities to support the study, e.g. Toshu Fukami Library, colleges and bookstore, journals, references, and archives for faculties and students to read and do research. It has enough space for reading and leaning. We have another library, it is the E-Library which stores electronic books, references, journals, and other publication for faculties and students to do research. The E-Library have good space for study as well. Our University also have many resources to support staff, faculties and student based on their needs, such as Student Development Center, IT Labs and IT Center, English Lab…


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