School of Business

Nhor Sanhei, PhD

2005: Certificate in Education, Regional Teacher Training Center (RTTC), Cambodia
2008: Bachelor in Education, University of Management and Economics (UME), Cambodia
2012: Master in Business Administration (MBA), University of Battambang (UBB), Cambodia
2013: Certificate in Education, IREX, Washington DC, USA
2013: Diploma in Education, Life Academy (LA), Sweden and India
2015: Master in Education (MEd), Winthrop University (WU), USA
2016: Certificate of E-Teacher Program, American English E-Teacher Program and Voxy, USA
2017: PhD in Education, University of Science Malaysia (USM), Malaysia
Professional Areas:
Social Science- Education – E-Learning
Educational material and media and educational technology
Education and Training – Computer based teaching and learning
Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)

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