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LY Kong Sochan (LKS)

Mr. Ly Kong Sochan earned his Bachelor of Arts (B.A) degree with a double major in Politics and Education (1993); a Master of Education (M.Ed) degree in Educational History and Policy (1995); and a Master of International Relations (M.I.R) degree in International Security and Defense Studies (1997) from Victoria University of Wellington (VUW), Wellington, New Zealand. His teaching and research are at the interstice of political theory, feminist theory, issue areas of globalization, security and defense studies, international relations and Buddhism. He has also a strong interest in the complex links between education, religion and politics, with a special focus on questions of ethics. His past jobs include a part-time Translator/Interpreter (1994-1997), Wellington, New Zealand; a Community Researcher (1998-2006), Sydney, Australia; and a Project Manager (2010-2011) for People Improvement Organization (PIO), Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He became a faculty member with the University of Cambodia on 26 July 2012. He previously also served as a senior military instructor and an advisor for the Vice-Rector at the National Defense University (NDU), 2007-2011, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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